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The Marvelous 907/912 and 250 Horsepower

    Lotus 907 slant 4 engine 2498 cc with 4 valve/cyl head - (907 head with 912 block) from Lotusbits. Bore 95.2mm x stroke 87.5mm 250 bhp @ 7000 rpm & 210 ft-lbs torque from 5100-6000 rpm and an 8000 rpm redline. Aluminum Block and Heads.My Engine Being Built At Loyusbits UK The 907 engine only weighs 292lbs compared to 325lbs for a less powerful Honda S2000 engine and 30lbs less than the Buick-Oldsmobile OHV 3.5L - a popular engine swap for various cars at the time; with an 3.0 Liter SOHCThe Repco was from a 215 Olds black conversion this engine even won two Formula One World Championships for Jack Brabham in 1966 and 1967.

What My 907/912 Contains

   Lotusbits in the UK started with an EN40B Billet nitraded crankshaft with counter weights and matched pistons. Forged lightweight pistons with small pins and lightweight steel connecting rods.My Loyusbits Wandering Free Stainless Steel 1.75” diameter ceramic coated headers and custom SS free flow duel exhaust system. Custom aluminium 4 row radiator with electric cooling fan. Electronic fuel injection with Jenvey DCOE Heritage Throttle Bodies (they look like Weber carburetors - cool). Compression ratio 11/1 (runs on 92 octane pump fuel). Cylinder head combustion chamber cc'd to equal size. Stainless steel valves. 80 amp 8000 rpm alternator. Heavy duty starter for the 11-1 compression. Vacuum storage canister for the brake vacuum booster. Heavy duty battery moved to trunk for better weight distribution. Engine oil coolerFrom the Front @ VRM. Lightweight billet flywheel.

   The Lotusbits engine weights a little bit more than a stock 907 – among other factors the crankshaft is 4lbs heavier but much better balanced, which is why the redline is 8000 rpm instead of 7000 rpm. Lotusbits can build more powerful 907 engines (over 300 hp) but they are really It's in!!for high rpm rally racing engines, not high torque street motors. For some reason I had no interest in a turbocharged engine, it must have been my drive for simplicity and my fear of complexity. I also disliked the idea of turbo throttle lag.Born on

Dyno Run From Lotusbits

After the engine was installed, it was further tuned on the VRM chassis dyno (just below, click for larger version). Chassis Dyno Run at VRM

Second and final run at VRM (click for larger version) and with further tuning picked up 10% torque over the first run..
Second Dyno Run

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